Details about Polish Pottery

Polish Pottery is made and decorated by hand, with love and it brings great mood into your home! 

It is especially valid in these hectic times more than ever.

It combines two positive qualities in a unique way: it is both decorative and robust at the same time.

Whether in a classical design such as Blue Spot or in a more time consuming, richly detailed Signature design such as, for example, “Swallow.” Polish Pottery is ovenproof, microwave and dishwasher safe.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, “Bunzlau Ceramics” (today also known as Polish Pottery) became a household brand for the specifically, special qualities it represents. The sponge-stamping technique used in the decoration gives it a special, charismatic quality. High quality, white fired clay is the basic material used. After the first firing at approximately 850° skilled, experienced hands take over the painting before each piece is dipped in a glaze bath. A final firing takes place at 1,250°C.
The glaze consists of feldspar, a mineral that contains no heavy metals and is not poisonous. To prove that Polish Pottery is suitable for food usage, it is checked annually by the trade supervisory authorities.
The pottery town was called Bunzlau, which in the meantime has a long a varied history behind it, right up until 1945. Polish artisans, who are among the best in Europe, started the production of ceramics again after the turmoil of the Second World War and developed the world famous fine stoneware even further to the current standard of quality.
“The city of good clay,” as can be read on historical postcards, is today called Boleslawiec (pronounced: Boleslaviets). The family business Manufaktura was founded in 1993. Today, it is the third largest pottery company in Bunzlau/Boleslawiec. 160 people are employed here, of which 60 are painters.
The Polish Pottery Barn (Bunzlauer Keramikscheune), also has another website with more Polish Pottery from the same manufacturer, Manufaktura.